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You can buy health care coverage in multiple ways:

Through your employer


This is the to the lowest degree expensive way to acquire insurance. If you work for a big organization, it may pay some or all of your monthly premium. Large businesses have the negotiating power to provide lower premiums and more abundant benefits. You probably won't have to be required to pass a health exam, and your preexisting problems may be covered. You're also more likely to have a choice of plans if you work for a large employer.

modest businesses, on the other hand, are at a disadvantage in negotiating insurance coverage. They may have problems even obtaining coverage based on the health history of one or more employees, and their cost per acqisition are likely to be more expensive. Some states have supported laws that require insurers to offer coverage to small groups within a price parameter.

If you and your partner are both covered by insurance at your jobs, the insurance firms may coordinate your benefits. That means that whatsoever is not covered by one plan (your primary carrier) could be paid by the other provider--provided you and your spouse are each taken care of under the other's insurance policy. You may never experience more than 100% of the cost of the services provided. Not all insurers have the same rules, so check with your employee benefits advocate to see how benefits will be coordinated.

If you lose or leave your employment, you have the option of extending your existing insurance reportage for up to 18 months under The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 (COBRA). The same law allows an employee's family to continue coverage for up to three years following death or divorce. COBRA permits you to continue your health care coverage at your former employer's group rate, plus a small (maximum of 2%) administrative fee. If you fail to pay the service fees, your coverage will be nul and void and you will not be able to reestablish it.

COBRA coverage ends when you start new employment with health benefits. The option to draw out coverage under COBRA is critical if you cannot afford the high monthly costs of an individual policy or if you have a preexisting condition.

As an single person

If you are self-employed or unemployed people, and are not covered by another family member's insurance policy, you should purchase an individual policy. The premiums for single person can be costly, even for the most basic plans. The best advice is to comparison shop and purchase the best coverage you can afford. Group insurance coverage may be available to members of certain trade or professional organizations. A few states have 'risk pools,' which provide coverage to any person regardless of prior medical problems. Check with your state insurance department if you are unable to obtain coverage on your own. Note that some preexisting conditions may not be covered under your individual health insurance program. Be sure to determine with your insurance provider what is and is not covered.

Medicare and Medigap insurance policies.

Once you are 65, you can obtain Medicare insurance from the federal government's health insurance programme. You also may qualify if you have certain ailments. Medicare does not pay all of your associated costs, and there are deductibles. Excluded are most nursing-home care or long-term care in the household. Medicare Part D provides coverage for prescription drugs. Many people over 65 buy a Medigap insurance policy from a private insurer to supplement Medicare insurance coverage.

There are 12 standard Medigap plans, labeled A through L, which make it easy to comparison browse. Depending on which service you choose, Medigap coverage may pay for such things as Medicare deductibles, coinsurance amounts or prescription drugs. Medigap insurers must accept you, regardless of preexisting aliments, if you apply within six months of becoming eligible for Medicare. If you wait longer, you may be refused coverage.


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